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"Ouro do Tua" is an first cold pressed olive oil, produced only from local olives of the Douro Region where the mill is located. The Cobrançosa, Verdial Transmontana and Madural types give to the oild velvety, supple notes.

No "green" trace of astigence, acidity (<0.3%) or bitterness. *

The first bite opens gently on a pleasant length in the mouth, where the fruity and slightly spicy of the fresh fruit expresses all its strength. The best of what the Douro Valley produces, while respecting the environment and humans, is also transported by sail from Porto to Douarnenez.


Produced from olives of Cobrançosa, Verdial Transmontana and Madural types, whose olive groves grow in the Mirandela region, this yellow-green coloured oil is sweet, green, spicy, lightly almond-flavored, with a final note of fresh fruit. The oil reflects the fineness of the olive, maintaining unaltered its higher quality, with an acidity not exceeding 0.3%.

Prolagar is a company from Mirandela (northeastern Portugal) that produces the best quality olive oils using only local grapes and recognized for their high quality.

Recommended use

You can consume it with a variety of dishes but it is ideal with grilled meats and fish, fried vegetables and salads of all kinds.

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