Enrolado Azores green tea

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Enrolado green tea is harvested and rolled by hand. The leaves are carefully selected for their quality, which gives it its subtle fragrance.

Produced in a completely traditional and natural way, this tea, with its mild taste, has a very low caffeine content and is particularly rich in antioxidants.

Green Tea "Cha Hysson Green".

Imported from the Azores exclusively by a sailboat chartered by TOWT.


This "Hyson" green tea comes from the oldest plantation in Europe, cultivated without chemicals.

Produced naturally in the archipelago of the Azores since 1883, this tea is the only European tea. It has been grown in green hills at hundreds of nautical miles from the continent's pollution, in the middle of the Atlantic, on a rich volcanic land.


Fruity and sweet.

Recommended use

Infuse during 3 minutes at 180 ° C.

8 to 10g / L

Thé vert des Açores Enrolado
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