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Avocet Ale 0,5L

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Exclusively imported by TOWT since 2011, the Avocet ale, brewed in the Devon region of England since 2008 following a centuries-old local tradition, is distinguished by its light citrus flavor and its exceptional aroma. Exeter Brewery beers are made with the finest local ingredients, including the famous Devon malts.

Beer at 3.9%.


The Exeter Brewery is located between a protected coastal area and the Exeter Ship Canal; the oldest canal in England. Its Organic Avocet Ale reflects the commitment of this artisanal brewery to its coastal environment through a method of organic production and identification with this wader, a symbol of the local biodiversity. Exeter Brewery joins its maritime identity and environmentally friendly values with to TOWT ones through the shipping by sailboats, using the wind energy.


Alcohol abuse is bad for health, please consume in moderation

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Avocet Ale 0,5L
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