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TOWT rum - Single Cask 70cL

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TOWT rum is a Marie-Galante's agricultural rum that has experienced 5 years of tropical aging, in the best rum distillery of the island, for a particularly perfumed elixir because developed in the respect of a centenary tradition.

Made from fresh canes harvested by hand, this rum crossed the Atlantic in barrels of bourbon, by the force of the wind aboard the sailboat "Lun II". The 70 days of sea crossing have given this rum a unique finish.

Each of our barrel is bottled separately. This new edition concerns the barrel N ° 10.

TOWT rum has tonic notes of white fruits, vanilla blossom, honeysuckle, while having the woody roundness of its original oak and a velvet with hints of honey and bourbon, coming from its exceptional maturation, with an iodized finish. Its force is assumed, consubstantial to an authentic agricultural rum, which thus regains, thanks to this type of transport, disappeared flavors, true symbols of TOWT's organoleptic approach.

It is cut at 40 ° with water from the "Monts d'Arrée" (Britanny) and bottled in the French Cornwall. Each bottle is numbered and contains the number of the barrel that contained it, as well as its date of bottling.

Thank you Patrice Pellerin for the drawing on the label.

Technical informations :

- Aging: 5 years in lightning and 70 days at sea in bourbon barrels

- Date of bottling: 18/09/2018

- Transport: all transport informations are available thanks to the certificate number on the bottle.

- Bottle: each bottle is numbered and sealed by hand with beeswax.

Alcohol abuse is bad for health, please consume in moderation.

Rhum agricole
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