Patrick Gelencser chocolate 70%

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Dark chocolate made from Mexican cocoa beans transported by a sailing ship

A balanced, fruity, floral chocolate with a final woody note, without excess of acidity.


Intense aroma and delightful length in the mouth.

A minimalist composition that enable the beans to fully express themselves. Two ingredients: cocoa beans and crystal sugar beet. No lecithin.

A traditional production line and beans worked with love. The beans are roasted in a roaster ball. Then, they are crushed to rid them of the film, then crushed between 15 and 20 microns. Finally, they are conched for 24 hours to develop the aromas.

A sailing expedition: the beans at the origin of this chocolate were transported by a sailing ship, aboard the schooner Avontuur. Find the journey made by these beans, as well as photos and videos of the trans-Atlantic route on with the travel number : 1803.

Gelencser, Master Chocolatier

For Gelencser, chocolate is above all a family story. It is Patrick Gelencser's grandparents who introduced the family to this universe. The chocolate, since then, flows in the veins of the Gelencser because after the father, it is the grandson, Patrick who naturally took over the production. Inspired by techniques inherited from several generations, its chocolate combines flavor, subtlety and nuance while maintaining this taste for craftsmanship.

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