Trans-Atlantic route

TOWT rum - Single Cask 50cL

TOWT rum is a Marie-Galante's agricultural rum that has experienced 5 years of tropical aging, in the best rum distillery of the island, for a particularly perfumed elixir because developed in the respect of a centenary tradition. Made from fresh canes harvested by hand, this rum crossed the Atlantic in barrels of bourbon, by the force of the wind aboard...
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Spirit of the sea whisky

Whiskey aged at sea for 6 months. The name "Spirit of the sea" sums the whiskey perfectly. Navigator, untamed, powerful. There's nothing to add.
Trans-Atlantic route

TOWT rum- Grayhound cuvee - 50cL

The story of this unique barrel differs from TOWT's other single cask rums. He embarked for 6 months, in 2017, aboard the Brittish lugger "Grayhound" sailing according to a changing weather and currents sometimes facing the wind. She survived, like the Phoenix, the fire that struck us on the 15th of November. Bottled shortly after the disaster, it is...

Black Mountain whisky - TOWT's rum barrel finish

The specificity of this Black Mountain whisky forms its essence. It was assembled and refined in Occitania in a barrel that had already contained TOWT rum for several years. This limited edition "TOWT's rum barrel finish" explores a new taste territory. The objective of this serie is to make a final maturation of whiskeys in unusual barrels that have...